New Owner Info

Various bits of fairly useful stuff

What service intervals does my bike have?
See the Service Interval page for a table and explanation
What alarm can I fit?
As of March 2004 Piaggio now recommend Gemini alarms so these are probably best used.
Can I fit heated grips to my X9?
Piaggio do not do heated grips for the 125. Kits for other X9s are available from dealers or Oxford. Wiring for heated grips is already in the loom under the digi-dash.
My gauges are not behaving normally, why?
Intermittent faults with the analogue gauges and/or the indicators can usually be attributed to damp in the digital dash or the sockets behind them. Easily cured with some sealant.
Can PICS be added to any X9 if not fitted as standard?
Yes. All the internal wiring is already in the loom and kits come complete with everything needed.
Where is the battery, and how do I charge it?
Behind the rear panel between the rear lights. It can be recharged through the underseat power socket. Recommended chargers are the Optimate III type of conditioners which can be left on for prolonged periods.
There is a clonking noise from the centre stand over bumps, what causes this?
There is a small roller on the stand which rolls against the crankcase. If this seizes or goes missing the stand wears the casing (not good!).
My exhaust is looking shabby, what can I do about it?
Exhausts are covered under warranty but unless completely blown, wire brush and repaint with a high temperature paint, either brush or sprayed on.
I have a high pitched squealing coming from the front wheel, what’s causing this?
The speedo sensor needs greasing. It is the small black cone on the front hub on the nearside.
The handlebars rattle when going over bumps or seem notchy in the dead ahead position?
The steering head set bearings are either loose or worn.
What is the size of fuel tank and range on each model?
All models have a 15 litre tank but the 500 has a submerged pump which displaces around half a litre. 125s and 250s are capable of a consistent 75mpg and a range of 220 miles and 500s nearer to 55mpg and 180 miles before the needle drops into the reserve.