Electrics - Lighting and bulbs

All bikes from 2004 onwards have ’always on’ lights. Earlier models have a lighting switch and can therefore switch off the lights when necessary. It is possible to replace all but the headlight bulbs with LED replacements which are both brighter, longer lasting and use much less current. Additional front driving lights can be fitted, along with LED side marker lamps and a popular addition is a top box extra brake light.


The 125 models benefit from fitting a larger capacity battery than the feeble 9A hr original fitment. The 500 14A hr YB14L-A2 is a good option and fits easily.
Batteries seem on average to last just over 3 years and they die without warning and when this happens the digidash warning lights flash and the starter solenoid just rattles, and on 500’s the stand bleeper sounds when you press the starter button. Re-charging the old battery only delays the purchase of a new one as once the battery develops a dead cell the stator coils and rectifier do not seem to be able to keep the battery topped up.
Those X9’s that come with the PICS system benefit from the addition of an exterior aerial mounted on the front fairing connected directly to the flying wire from the radio.
It is worth checking the setting of the brake lever light switches. Some bikes come with the switches set too sensitive and the result is flashing brake lights over bumps. Adjust them too far and starting the engine is difficult without having to squeeze the levers too hard!
Bulbs - all models
Front sidelights - 501 capless 3W as standard or 5W for more light
Rear side lights - 382 BA15 small globe 5W
Front/Rear indicators - 382 BA15 small globe 10W offset pin coloured on the front
Evo front mirror indicators - 382 BA15 offset pin small globe amber tint
Underseat lamp - 239 festoon bulb 5W
Brake light - 5 off 380 (dashboard) capless fitted in a plastic twist mount 3W
Headlights all models except 250 SL - 2 off H7 single filament 55W
Headlights 250 SL - 2 off H4 40/33W standard or upgrade to 60/55W normal car bulbs