The weakest link in the X9, but also itís most
interesting feature

OIL: flashes after 1000km (625 miles) then after every 3000km/2000 miles (6000km/4000 on 400cc.
SERVICE: flashes after first 1000km then after every 6000km/4000 miles (9000km/6000 on 400cc).
This light comes on after 1 year even if the distance has not been covered.
BELT: flashes after every 18000km/12000 miles.
Re-setting service lights.
1. Remove the central panel between the headlights, 5 cross head screws retain this..


2. You will find a button above the headlight unit marked RES
3. Turn on the ignition. One of the three service lights is flashing.
4. Briefly press the button. The light before the one you want to reset should light. If the light that comes on is not the one before the one you want to reset, then briefly press the button again to make the light scroll along. When you have the light before lit, then:
5. Press and hold the button. The light you want to reset will start flashing faster. While it is flashing fast, release the button. Now the light should have gone out.
6. Turn off the ignition and turn back on to prove the light has been canceled.
Changing the odometer display to show miles. This should be done at PDI.
1. Press and hold the TRIP and M buttons. 2. Turn on the ignition. 3. Release the buttons
The display will now show miles.
To reset the analogue instrument dials.
1. Press and hold the CLOCK and SET buttons.
2. Turn on the ignition. All 4 dial needles should sweep round and fall back to their zero position.
The digidashes are different for each model, but in some instances may be usable on other models. The rear of the dash should have a sticker with the following information on it:
V3.16 - for X9 250 Pre Evo,  V3.20 - for X9 125 Pre Evo,   V3.21 - for X9 500 all models
The 125 Evo uses a different dash to pre Evo and the 250 Evo also has it's own (Versions unknown at the moment). It would appear the pin outs on the rear wiring are almost identical on all models but certain models have warning lamps for ABS, ECU faults, and brake light bulb failure that others don't have, so using an incorrect dash might have odd warning lamps lit.

Early X9s suffered from damp getting into the digidash
mainly through the use of a hose pipe or pressure washer, but later models seem to suffer less. Some dealers seal the dashes before delivery and the problem is becoming much less common. Symptoms are non functioning indicators, or hazard lights turning themselves on plus visual signs of moisture on the display, which also fades or becomes patchy. Sealing of the buttons and the seam around the case halves with silicone and cleaning and damp proofing the multi-pin sockets on the back solves this. You could open the case up and add some silica gel sachets or even drill a small drain/vent hole at the lowest point. Sometimes the odometer resets to 99,999 miles and as yet there is no solution to this.