Centre Stand

Bypassing the control box

The Electrically powere hydraulic centre stand fitted to all 500SL and up to Ď07 500 Evo models can be temperamental. If a warning buzzer can be heard at speeds above 3mph, the LH pivot detent switch is the problem. If the stand doesnít operate at all check the RH one. If all seems fine with the switches there are two HD relays in the circuit, one next to the battery with the 70A fuse above it, and one below the RH footboard. Check these are not burned out. If all else fails the following can be done:-

400HK_dessous (WinCE)

You can bypass the controller and safety interlocks by bridging the purple wire at pin 1 and the yellow wire at pin 11 of the controller. This will allow the stand to operate at all  times when the actuating button is pressed. There is no safety lock out to prevent the stand being used while the bike is moving, or to cut the  motor when itís fully deployed though so beware.
If the primary relay should stick closed a thin blue wire from the secondary relay main  input feed connects to pin 3 of the sounder unit which sets off an alarm and also triggers a +ve output from pin 6 of the sounder to pin 10 on  the digidash which lights the alarm red LED warning.
If the wires should come off the left hand plunger switch with the stand fully up and the bike moving the alarm will also sound. Damp in the switch or simply a poor connection often causes the alarm light on the digidash to glow  very slightly and the alarm to sound.
The sounder is on the control unit, located on the rear LH side next to the regulator, which bleeps as the stand reaches full deployment plus the system is designed so that you cannot repeatedly actuate the stand without a minute or so between attempts. If you try  again too soon it emits an intermittent bleep.
If you have done the bypass mod, you may also need to snip the visible wire(s) to the sounder to prevent it from bleeping all the time as it still senses the fault.