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Author Topic: Motorcycle safety  (Read 3072 times)
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« on: January 15, 2017, 15:04:17 »

I have copied a facebook post and would be happy to receive your comments, via email (highlighted below) please as I will have a lot of collating to do for this.

The Safety of Motorcyclists on UK Roads – Have Your Say!

For the past twelve months or so I have been a member of the national Motorcycle Working Group (organised by Highways England) looking into the Safety of Motorcyclists in the UK. The aim of this group is to reduce injuries and fatalities amongst motorcyclists on the UK road network.

This project is looking at everything from the gear you wear to the activities of other road users, motorcycle tyre safety, use of lights, the awareness of other road users, the condition of the roads, additional advanced training, and a great number of other factors affecting the safety of motorcyclists on roads in the UK.

What I would like from you is your own ideas and suggestions as to how the safety of motorcyclists could be improved.

(Please resist the urge to post flippant, indignant or ludicrous responses. We will have enough work to do in filtering-out the sense from the nonsense).

Useful (sensible) ideas and suggestions will be compiled for consideration and I will submit them for discussion and exploration by the Motorcycle Working Group.

If you wish to respond privately please email Del Durham (NABD Research) via research@thenabd.org.uk
(Please do not respond to either Del or myself via Facebook Private Message, as they will be ignored).

All messages will be treated in confidence but we will be unable to respond to each individual suggestion. Please do not think your suggestion has been ignored, it will be collated and added to a list for consideration irrespective of you receiving a direct response or not.

Please remember, this is just about safety. Issues of Rider’s Rights and complaints about legislation etc. are not what I’m looking for.

I’m also not looking to start a huge debate on Facebook about these issues (not yet anyway) so please don’t jump in criticising suggestions made by others unless you can show definitively that their suggestion would be counter to motorcycle safety (and even in those cases, keep it polite; we should all be on the same side here).

Please don’t make me regret asking for your input. Our safety on the roads is important to all of us and now we have a chance to have our voices heard let’s make the best of it.

Rick Hulse
NABD Chairman

The National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD) is a Registered Charity.

Feel free to share this post on your own page and with any motorcycle groups you are involved in.

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