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Author Topic: 125 fuses  (Read 4666 times)
« on: November 16, 2014, 13:53:35 »

I have downloaded a few manuals and they disagree on what fuses should be in the x9 125 evo. Some refer to numbers on the holder but I cant see any.

Could anyone tell me what fuses are meant to be in each slot or give me a link to where I can find out. I did a search here but it comes up with a lot of threads and I couldnt find a definitive list of what fuse goes where.

There are 4 in the helmet storage, stacked horizontally top to bottom and 4 in the front compartment stacked vertically (left to right)

In the helmet compartment I have a 30AMP fuse in the 3rd from the top. None of the manuals I have mention a 30 amp.

2005 125 EVO
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2014, 14:57:48 »

I kept searching here and found this list

Under the seat in Amps
30 - general
20 - underseat socket
10 - headlights
7.5 - digidash
In the glovebox
10 - Ignition system
7.5 - sidelights, horn
7.5 - brake lights
15A - accessories (heated grips)

This thread was about a 250 though and not a 125. Are they the same for a 125?

If the order abover is top to bottom and left to right mine arent right at all except one as below:

Under the seat
30 - general 10A
20 - underseat socket 10A
10 - headlights30A
7.5 - digidash 15A
In the glovebox
10 - Ignition system 10A
7.5 - sidelights, horn 10A
7.5 - brake lights  10A
15A - accessories (heated grips)  7.5A

Hopefully its just that they are different on the 125.
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