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Author Topic: Jerky clutch + choking carb.  (Read 7315 times)
« on: May 01, 2009, 14:18:14 »


My CG has developed a lurch in the clutch.  It's been doing it since last summer, first noticed after a long spirited drive do to the mountains a spin around them and the 50 miles home again.  It doesn't seem to get worse, certainly not noticably over that time period, but it's ever present and niggly annoying.

Symptons are...  Lift the revs on the clutch bite, as normal, get it rolling feet up and just as the clutch catches fully it does so with a lurch.  The lurch is often accompanied by a 'noise' from the bike, it's hard to discribe but it's like the engine shuddering and maybe that's what it is or maybe it's just the chain under the lurch load.  All the engine bolts look and feel tight and I can't move the engine by hand, though I confess I have yet to take a torque wrench to the fixings.

Have I just burnt a clutch plate of something? (CG is a wet clutch).

Should I attempt dismantling the clutch (I have the Haynes manual) and buying replacement rings off eBay or spend the extra 60-100 in getting it done by a dealer?

The only other niggle I have with it is in the past winter it has started to hesitate on opening the throttle at speed.  You are at full throttle, 60mph ish and gaining on the car in front so you wind the throttle off slow down and then wind it back on again.  When I do this, about 1 time in ten, the engine will hestiate before kicking back in sharply.  I checked with the bike nice and warm after a run that if I quickly open the throttle from 0-100% the engine chokes and stalls.  I've been told this shouldn't happen unless it is cold and to pop the carb off and clean it out check for damage etc.  First I intend to check my airbox and filter are not full of spiders webs or has a birds nest in it (the bike lives outside all winter).  Might be worth checking the fuel filter too I suppose.  Anyone any thoughts?

Bike is 3 year old.  8800 miles.
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« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2009, 17:26:13 »

One thing you may consider is the run of the clutch cable.  Does it have a smooth route from lever to operating arm.  The other conditon that could cause jerking is lack of oil/lubricant in the cable itself, may be worth looking at it.


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« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2009, 08:12:08 »

Thanks Brian,

Clutch cable was replaced about 5 months ago and is silky smooth, should have said

It snapped on me in rush hour traffic and I had to drive home with no clutch!  Produced some very elegant driving... NOT!
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