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January 20, 2021, 00:06:03 *
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News: We have moved servers...twice, as the first still wasn't new enough to run the latest forum software. The database got corrupted and the upgrade failed and then even the old forum went AWOL so apologies for the delay, we are back but not upgraded yet but now have a server capable of doing it. I will leave it a few days then have another try.
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 on: January 18, 2021, 13:11:00 
Started by Dave Milnes - Last post by Dave Milnes
OK lots of issues. The server we were swapped onto still hadn't got the necessary versions of PHP and SQL to run the latest forum software, so after a few days tinkering, they moved us again onto their newest server then the database got corrupted but luckily I had backups and all is working again now but without updating the forum software.
I might leave it alone for a bit now as I thing WHUK are getting a bit fed up with me!!
I will have another go at updating the forum in a few days time. I'm also buying a house in Cumbria so along with working from home I have a lot of time juggling to do.

 on: January 06, 2021, 21:19:22 
Started by Dave Milnes - Last post by Dave Milnes
The site will go off line for a couple of days soon as the server we are on is being retired and we are being migrated to a newer one. This means all the forum files and database will need updating as the old files won't run on the newer versiond of PHP and SQL.
Backups in progress...

 on: January 05, 2021, 17:27:13 
Started by richard9855 - Last post by richard9855
Thank you Dave, I will check out your suggestions once the weather improves.
Your help is always appreciated and without it, I’m sure, there would be far less X9s left on the road.
Thanks again.
Kind regards
Rich Bell

 on: January 03, 2021, 12:24:56 
Started by richard9855 - Last post by Dave Milnes
My guess is probably electical as fuel issues are usually more when revving higher than idling.
I know you probably think the battery is fine but start there anyway and give it a charge and check the terminal connections are tight.
Then check all the fuses for corrosion especially the 4 hidden ones down to the LH side of the battery as these power the ECU/fuel pump immobiliser etc so an intermittent connection here can give weird symptoms.
Then check the kill switches for intermittent connection, work them both on and off a few times both with the ignition off and on observing their actions regarding the immobiliser and dash LED status.
Check the condition of the wiring and connector on the top of the fuel tank, the wiring here can corrode and become intermittent.
Also worth checking the connections to the back of the digidash on a 500SL.
When it stalled, did the immobiliser LED light in any way and did you have to kill the ignition and turn back on again before it re-started? Does the LED behave normally?
Did the analogue dash freeze when it stalled or did it behave as if you had just turned off the ignition as this indicates a total power cutoff, or just power loss to the engine systems ?
Did the engine die as if electrical power was lost or as if starved or over enrichened with fuel? Try a different spark plug and check the cap to HT lead connection.
It could be any number of sensors such as TDC, TPS, air presure, or just a corroded/dry connection to any number of things so short of going round unplugging, squirting WD40 and re fitting but before going into this depth of checking, try all the above easier stuff.

 on: January 03, 2021, 11:45:49 
Started by richard9855 - Last post by richard9855
Happy new year to all, I hope it will be better than the one we have just left.

I have a 500 SL that I have had for many years now as my second / town bike. Throughout the lockdown I think it has only been on the road about three times but I do run it to warm once a month.

Yesterday I took it out for a run, everything went well for a few miles (3) and then it died as I slowed for a corner. It restarted and would run but it won’t hold idle for more than a few seconds (5 - 10). It will start, not easily, and will run so I could get home but as soon as I rolled off throttle it would stop.

I filled the tank the last time I took it out probably October so the fuel is fresh.

Any suggestions as to where to start looking.

It has never let down in the 10 + years I’ve had it. I had to replace the oil pump just after I bought it and rebuilt the engine then but not had any major issues since.

Spent a small fortune last year and replaced all the suspension for OEM and had the seat recovered. If I can’t sort this and get her reliable then I may break her due to the complete lack of use.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions, they have always been very helpful in the past.

Kind regards

Rich Bell

 on: December 30, 2020, 11:53:10 
Started by Dave Milnes - Last post by Dave Milnes
I haven't given up yet...cleared out some junk and made space on the server to run a parallel forum with latest version and if I can get the host to tweak a few settings it may still be possible to get on to the latest version and patch the tweaks again without taking down the current one, then switch over later so if the forum goes off line again that will be why.

2021 can't be much worse can it? Happy New Year.

 on: December 29, 2020, 11:43:26 
Started by Dave Milnes - Last post by Mr.Chips
Thank you, Dave.
As usual I will go with the flow, being totally incapable of making any practical contribution!

I wish you and fellow forum members a Happy New Year, hoping it will be a darn sight better than 2020. Scotch

 on: December 29, 2020, 10:03:57 
Started by Dave Milnes - Last post by Dave Milnes
Right I downloaded all the latest forum software and uploaded to our host servers and ran the update tool only to find our host is running an old version of the database SQL so the new forum wouldn't link to the current database.
Upgrading to V2 of the forum software would mean all our extra menu buttons and links and custom headers etc would all be lost and need re-programming, so I think we will stay as we are but I will look into adding more security so things like registration can go back to running in the background, so bots and trolls would be filtered automatically, rather than manually as it is now.
Maybe if it ain't broken, don't fix it and it isn't totally broken, just a few of the tweaks no longer work as the versions we have installed have become obsolete and discontinued but don't affect the basic running of the forum. I'll keep tinkering!

 on: December 14, 2020, 18:52:00 
Started by Dave Milnes - Last post by Mr.Chips
Thank you, Dave.

Have a good Christmas.

 on: December 14, 2020, 11:54:18 
Started by jewls - Last post by Dave Milnes
Have you connected all the loom plugs and also the TDC sensor which has the long black cable that coils around and sits loose on top of the motor? Check the connections to the throttle body and make sure the earth strap has been re-connected.

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