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Title: Trip out to cafe
Post by: Solo on March 23, 2022, 00:26:50

Toke the X9 out for a spin, nice little trip up to the cafe, loved the roads but she is getting old or needs replacement suspension, ( think shocks are old ) very hard rocky ride on bumps, but nice to get a blast, toke her on the motorway to open her up a bit and did quite well, hit 80 during an overtake but I think speed-0 was been a bit optimistic, exited on to some countryside back roads then had a coffee at the cafe.

Got home to a biker friend giving me some locks to make the X9 more secure, got in and got all my gear off to face a coughing fit because of my lungs and the riding, but worth it for a bit of a ride, hoping to replace the X9 fork springs and rear shocks on the bike to give the bike back it comfy riding and take a ride to the lake district and Keswick.



Title: Re: Trip out to cafe
Post by: Mottza on March 23, 2022, 07:22:26
Good to see the old girl stretching her legs.

Title: Re: Trip out to cafe
Post by: Solo on March 24, 2022, 11:42:41
Hoping for a few runs on her over summer. Trying to get my missus back on as pillion again

Title: Re: Trip out to cafe
Post by: Gav on March 24, 2022, 12:49:26
I've been told on oxygen for life now, that biking is a no no, well there are only 3 left, 2 Aprilias and my Nexus, which is still being troublesom since it overheard talk of selling the ol gal, however my Vauxhall Viva stood since October and I had her running this morning after a bit of maintenance in the lovely sunshine.
I had a nice ride out Sunday by Volvo , a relative came to pick me up and finally get to see their new home near Woodbridge Suffolk-
After a spot of lunch inclusive of a great Nieces boyfriend who has a Kwaka 650, Ducati Hypermode, is it and a non descript trail bike-he said he was considering a Tuono V4 Aprilia.Much bike talk my nieces expression said it all,but her bo assured me he was brainwashed by horsey nonesences!
After lunch I was also treated to a run in the Porsche Boxter my relatives recently bought, top down.

Next day I had trip into Ipswich via Hospital transport, to an apointment for the follow up.
Very early start as I was up at 6 /30 having had probably a half hours kip.

THat apointment had to be changed from next week having waited nye on 2 years for a referal re bowel problems,  as it was in actual fact blood loss being aparant that was the catalyst for my contacting the medical system and just as well.

I believe seeing the claret on the bathroom floor made me call 111, but they imediately put it as an emergency, probably would have tried to soldier on otherwise, it literally saved my life, they reckoned I had probably a couple of days left,( as my lungs were incaable of discharging the carbon dioxide, which is what the converters now do), as that was secondary, to having pneumonia and due to Covid being in a so called suite for 3 weeks and another in a side ward getting used to the oxygen converter, a less harsh bit of trickery.to acompany me home, on boxing day!

I was back in Ipswich twice and they did actually stop blaming the Cathater,for blood on the bed clothes, yes that wasnt another particular pleasant repeat procedure, either.

So Clacton Hospital Monday afternoon, hopefully in a 2 man /women transport I could see out of like Mondays, as I couldnt the first time they were deployed to take me for a diabetic eyescreeing.The driver was sealed off and the window forward too high to see out of and after the storms ravaging the weekend prior, a blacked out side window gave little view-I did a similar run albeit going across to Walton on the Naze via my Cagiva Raptor, to ensure everything was AOK before she went up to Inverness!

Apart from riding it over here when I moved the last ride out I had on my Gilera was to the Rev Up Cafe in Walton on the Naze, who knows maybe theres still hope.

Title: Re: Trip out to cafe
Post by: Mike H on March 29, 2022, 12:04:08

Solo - Like.

Title: Re: Trip out to cafe
Post by: Solo on March 31, 2022, 01:49:02
Sorry hear this gave, always hold hope the future is not written, Any thing can happen.

Keep us updated.

Title: Re: Trip out to cafe
Post by: Gav on April 08, 2022, 08:21:40
Thanks Solo, I was picked up by two luvvly young ladies in a rather rattly albeit newish looking Fiat Ambulance, to go to Clacton in, Aparantly after my exploratary I had been told collection time would be at 1820, two hours after my apointment, when the receptionist ran Hospital Tarnspoirt it turned out the girls were having a no doubt well earned break in a Costa Coffee emporium and would be at the hospital in five, so I got home before dark, nice one.

Another Colonoscapy was ruled out in the interim,due to the consultant advising having the enema at home could induce or put further strain on the old ticker , so I due next to have an Aloscomy(I think its called that) in Colchester followed by on a seperate visit another angiogram, the consultant didnt feel there was anything too amiss however better be safe than sorry.

A mate is calling tomorrow to take me to an East Coast Retros bike/ car show,(out of all the v many clubs Practical Classics visited on the UK mainland, ECR was voted the top one!

PC did use a picture I sent em of yours truly with my old now gawn to new custodian Enfield Bullet,and my old Viva car.
Tomorrow is also an autojumble!

It was due to be last Saturday, however due to Covid(I thought weather as there is a huge playing field outback is all grass and assumed too soggy).
Mark my friend is doing the autojumble, I am not sure whether he is taking his Ford Granada, or his Vauxhall Vectra Estate-normally ECR restrict entry to pre 2000 vehicles.

Last year he and a nice couple from Clacton, who have a Honda Dauville bike,went to the Ace Cafe, as it was the annual Granada get together. Some great cars and bikes and a fab guy I chatted wid, who had a Leader powered dissabled trike affair, perhaps I should get one sans engine and stick the the Motor from the Gilera in it!

I did actually get the Nexus fired up via the key a few times, but guess there is an issue wiring wise, however the pucker solonoid that went to my old address finally caught up with me here.

I find that I am OK for a while off oxygen, albeit I will take two portable bottles tomorrow, but assuming my battle to get a licence back is successfull, am gonna keep and use my Maxi Scoot as at least a local runabout.