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Title: I did it, she is out! :::lol:::
Post by: Solo on December 14, 2021, 00:33:17

Finally, after 2 years i got my original X9 250 yellow one out, insured and taxed and went for a ride,  ( not the yellow 250 i got as a project and rode to Tan hill then sold it ) the X9250 iv had since 2016, she started up nice and with the 2-year-old petrol in there she ran smelly and smoky but ran fine.

Had a Michelin city grip 2 fitted and this tyre is nice and grippy and it was raining so it was a good test, very sticky on the road, i wrapped up, but after 30 mins my COPD and my chest and lungs didn't live the cold air so after a few coughing fits i decided to come home, but it gave me a nice rush to be back on an X9, but she is showing her age, lots of rattles from panels and bits and bats but still nice.

And yes the ugly MPV with the Large LED light bar on roof is my Car :lol:


Title: Re: I did it, she is out! ::::lol::::
Post by: Mike H on December 14, 2021, 20:09:49
Excellent!  :thumbup:

Title: Re: I did it, she is out! :::::lol:::::
Post by: BobbyW on December 14, 2021, 22:17:15
Wind behind me and a little luck, the X9 and my camera may well join you...if you make it to Suffolk that is :)

Title: Re: I did it, she is out! :::::lol:::::
Post by: Gav on January 03, 2022, 22:24:59
I ;ve just moved to Brantham, c medical matters for the full sp, anyway sorry Solo, dont wish to hijack youre thread, somewhat inspired as I have severe chest and lung problems, so good to see you are mobile again, take care tho in the cold mate!

Title: Re: I did it, she is out! :::::lol:::::
Post by: Solo on January 24, 2022, 20:42:06
BobbyW - if I am down that way ill pop in :)

Gav- i have just read and catch up on your post and sorry to hear you are giving up biking, i was in the same position, i gave biking up for 2 years before coming back.

The winter and cold air affect me the most, I see you have type 2 diabetes and diagnosed with COPD same as me, only just yesterday I been for an electrocardiogram (ECG) checking my heart again and 2 blood tests, they still trying to find the route of a few of my problems  ::lol::.

As the doctors class me as unfit to work I am classed as disabled, you would think it's fun, but it's Very very Very boring!

So i am hoping once its warmer ill be flying about on my X9 to get my spirits up and feel beeter mentaly mainly being the aim.

I hope it may be possible like me once your sorted ( takes time ) you mite just get on a bike again.

Title: Re: I did it, she is out! :::::lol:::::
Post by: Gav on January 25, 2022, 12:25:03
Well yes that would be nice.
However I woke up in the early hours yesterday,feeling extremely unwell, managed to turn off the converter and respiratory machine that helps seperate the oxygen from carbon dioxide(my lungs were unable to cope by themselves having gotten an infection, hence being in hospital 4 weeks before and during Christmas, and take the mask off, however the strain of that gagging caused chest pains, and after taking GTN I rang 111, they quickly, arranged for an ambulance

I knew one of the paramedics as she used to be a nurse in Harwich.

Got to Hospital which early doors on a Monday was like a ghost town , the only vehicle an the A and E Bays with staff unusually standing about, so I was in receipt of immediate help,and by breakfast had had an Xray and a Canular for bloods, was told I would be in there for at least a few days.

Lots of waiting around that day.
Then a change of wards but later was told wished to see me, after which as long as the bloods taken from my wrist were OK I could go home which eventually happened. They had liased with the carers, so transport was arranged for 21.00, in conjunction with said.

Sure enough a guy turned up with a wheelchair but  didnt know oxygen was involved and said the rules are they have to be double handed with a driver and attendant in the back, overseeing the patiient and he made profuse apologise that one would have to be waiting longer.

A chap in the next cubical had heard me mention Papworth and turne out he was a fellow zipper club, we who have had open heart surgery, member, and not only had his bypass done the same year as me, 2012, but by the same surgeon.

The transport arrived and when I got home some family who were going to be there earlier had turned out. Having been advised to get to bed post haste I still woke up and felt the need to take the mask off,it didnt go wit the Panda eyes. A Nephew who is using my Focus currently has arrangedan apointment to see a specialist Tuesday and hopefully get the Oxygen, mask-machine checked over.
Apart from that a day or two back,I had managed to charge the Nexus battery and run her for a while and being the eternal optimist would like to think just-maybe not have to give up riding completely after a layoff.,