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Title: Coming back on the Road.
Post by: Solo on July 30, 2020, 20:05:43

Last time i ridden My X9 was December for a ride just before i was in hospital, then i rode it again just before MOT expired in January to the shops and back, its been un ridden since January, So 7 months off road, its been sat in my garage, my health is slowly improving as they have my diabetes under control and i am on the list with heart problem i.e cor pulmonale so thats getting sorted, and my lungs have been getting better with some treatment. My legs are still weak but that mite be life long, but still feel strong enough to hold my X9 up

Today i finally put the new exhaust Gasket on and fitted the ( 250sl heavy Exhaust back on ) on my own, beit some pain from my hip and forced throw and did it, got both brake leavers replaced, and sticky read caliper sorted.

Ready for MOT ----then i find out i lost the log book, so waiting on a new V5 so i can Tax it. If test rides go ok and my lungs and take the fast moving air then ill be ok to ride again.

Hoping to be back into backing just before winter :D


Title: Re: Coming back on the Road.
Post by: Dave Milnes on July 31, 2020, 07:55:18
When you get the V5 make a note of the reference number on the front so in future you can renew tax on line as it's done in seconds and you don't need any other paperwork as it links to the insurance and MOT databases, all you do is put in the reg no, V5 number and credit card details. Soon on-line will be the only way to do it.